Tracking Systems

"Locate what you want, anytime"

Tracking Systems

Tracking systems are used to ensure safety of a person, pet or a possession such as a mobile device, vehicle and cargo. We at 99 Software has developed solutions to track anything you want anytime with location history up to a period of one year.

Vehicle Tracking

When managing vehicle fleets and when hiring your own vehicle, it is important to locate your vehicle when necessary. We use specific hardware depending on the vehicle to locate and manage your vehicles. Its features include:

  • Live location
  • Location history
  • Vehicle health reports
  • Current Vehicle speed
  • Average vehicle speed
  • Average fuel consumption

Pet Tracking

Our pets are our family but they are not human, and we will help you locate your pets to ensure their safety when you can’t see them. Its features include:

  • Live location
  • Location history
  • Alarm
  • Long life battery on device
  • Mobile App
  • Compact – can be used on small sized pets