Safe Tracker

"Find Your Loved Ones Location Saftely"

Track your child safely

Safe Tracker is an innovative tracking system made in Sri Lanka. Safe Tracker can track your child wherever you are, even if they are away from the school, in the playground, in field work and even when overseas. Download and try it for FREE.

Simple to use

Download parent Safe Tracker App and also the child App. Follow simple instructions to set up both. Within minutes, you are ready. Start using the App and enjoy. You can follow your child’s presence wherever they are.

Have a peaceful life

Safe Tracker provides a peaceful life for all parents. No more worries, no more calling to child, no need to disturb their routine. Track the child at your finger tip. Make your life peaceful.

Track your child - Start now

Safe tracker is specially designed to track children wherever they are. We know as parents’ your priority is child’s safety. Safe tracker, track the child every minute, saves the data, even you can check back dated data and retrieve the data. As a Sri Lankan made solution we have especially catered Sri Lankan geography and locations. Safe Tracker is good to use anywhere in Sri Lanka we have covered the whole country.

Safe tracker also tracks any terrain, any location and can be used in any country in the world. Try this App today. Download it for free and use it for free. Enjoy!

Easy setup

We made everything easy for you. It is simple and start using just in a few minutes

  • Click download and complete the download
  • Click set up, and set up on the parent phone/smart device
  • Register your children
  • Scan QR code and set up child device
  • Set up in the child device, follow simple instructions
  • You are ready to go