"Refreshing business software that your teams will love"

Safe Tracker

Designed to track your children and loved ones. Never lose them from your side. Your genuine digital companion.

Smart Salesman

Do you want efficiency, more sales and revenue? Go digital, use your sales force efficiently using semi automated sales management system.

E-Commerce site

Customers are attracted to functional websites, and they buy more from functional E-Commerce sites. We can help you. Ask for a free trial.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – Be efficient

Modern businessman is smart and technically-wise. Develop a customized ERP genuinely make everything in your business efficient. Lead the way.

Client management system

Do you juggle with many files, and stored digital files? Never find what you want easily. Start using our Digital Client Manager. You may be eligible for free trial.

Parent-Teacher Management system

A revolutionized management system to connect teacher with the parent. A unique way to meet parents and keep with up-to-date business activities.

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